Seed VMF 3022/31

Calendar with hand, large moon, day-date and months

Basic information

Powered by the Seed VMF 3022 specially designed to receive additional mechanisms available on the market, this module has a calendar with hand at 6 o’clock. 7 day window at 11 o’clock, 12 months indication by window at 1 o’clock and large moon phase at 6 o’clock. Hour, minute and second in the centre.

 > From 25 pieces in its Seed VMF 3022/31 version, with personalisation of the plate of the oscillating weight.

> From 250 pieces in its S-VMF 3022/31 version, with personalisation of the bridges (shapes and decorations) and of the oscillating weight.

Detailed features

Functions & Complications
Self-winding - calendar hand - large moon
Main dimensions
Fitting of 11 ½” (25.60 - 26.20 mm)
Thickness of 5.3 mm
Power reserve
45 - 50 hours
Number of components
4 Hz (28’800 A/h)
Type of balance
Variable inertia with gold inertia blocks
Type of stud-holder
Type of balance-spring
Type of oscillating weight
Oscillating weight winding direction
Single direction in clockwise sense of the weight viewing from the dial side
Double-barrel rapid rotation in series
Variable inertia balance
Specific features and finishes
Circular-grained plate on dial side and bridge side
Date bridge and motion-work bridge rhodium-plated and circular-grained, dial side
Bridges with Côtes de Genève decor, rhodium-plated, bicolour engraving
Bevels, counterbores and apertures diamond-polished
Ceramic ball bearing
Pivots and flanges rolled
Wheels circular-grained on 2 faces
Flat-head screws, locked
Bridges hand-bevelled with piercer