Seed VMF 3022/60


Basic information

Powered by the Seed VMF 3022 specially designed to receive additional mechanisms available on the market, this module has an indexable 12 hour hand for the local time in jumps of +/- 1h. 24 hour hand for the home time. Calendar with hand for the local date at 6 o’clock, in phase with the 12 hour hand. Day-night indicator in phase with the calendar.

 > From 25 pieces in its Seed VMF 3022/60 version, with personalisation of the plate of the oscillating weight.

> From 250 pieces in its S-VMF 3022/60 version, with personalisation of the bridges (shapes and decorations) and of the oscillating weight.

Detailed features

Functions & Complications
Self-winding - GMT
Main dimensions
Fitting of 11 ½” (25.60 - 26.20 mm)
Thickness of 4.95 mm
Power reserve
45 - 50 hours
Number of components
4 Hz (28’800 A/h)
Type of balance
Variable inertia with gold inertia blocks
Type of stud-holder
Type of balance-spring
Type of oscillating weight
Oscillating weight winding direction
Double-barrel rapid rotation in series
Variable inertia balance
Specific features and finishes
Circular-grained plate on dial side and bridge side
Date bridge and motion-work bridge rhodium-plated and circular-grained, dial side
Bridges with Côtes de Genève decor, rhodium-plated, bicolour engraving
Bevels, counterbores and apertures diamond-polished
Ceramic ball bearing
Pivots and flanges rolled
Wheels circular-grained on 2 faces
Flat-head screws, locked
Bridges hand-bevelled with piercer