Seed VMF 5401/40

Hour, minute, big date at 12

Basic information

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier proposes a small masterpiece of complexity barely 5.6 mm deep derived from its tradition and its artisanal-industrial manufacturing process. A development of the VMF 5300 movement, it retains the latter’s robustness and slenderness while adding a new automatic, allowing it to wind and recharge as quickly as a classic automatic. Specially optimised for the Seed VMF 5400 by the company atokalpa, the variable inertia balance ensures optimal isochronism. Designed to accommodate additional mechanisms

 > From 25 pieces in its Seed VMF 5400 version, with personalisation of the oscillating weight.

> From 150 pieces in its S-VMF 5400 version, with personalisation of the bridges (shapes and decorations) and of the oscillating weight.

Detailed features

Main dimensions
Fitting of 13 ¼” (30.00 mm)
Thickness of 4.27 mm
Power reserve
48 hours
3 Hz (21,600 V/h)
Type of balance
Variable inertia with gold inertia blocks
Type of stud-holder
Type of balance-spring
Type of oscillating weight
Off-centre/Tungsten micro-rotor
Oscillating weight winding direction
Single direction, in anti-clockwise sense of the weight, viewing from the dial side